John Carbonella grew up in Staten Island, NY. A lifelong aficionado of the graphic arts, he got the bug when Santa Claus left a Crayola Designer Kit under the tree for his sixth Christmas. He has dabbled in computer art since his grade school days, when he would write BASIC programs to make the monitor of his Commodore 64 flicker different colors.
He began his graphic design career in 1996, while studying computer science and mathematics at St. John's University. Working as an assistant in the computer lab, John's curiosity was piqued by the funny looking 'Macintosh' machines collecting dust in the back of the room. Hooked after experiencing the rush of scanning his first image into the computer and manipulating it in Photoshop, it wasn't long before he had a thriving graphics business, designing flyers for local club nights and posters for campus events in his downtime at the lab.
After graduating in 1999, he held various graphic design and web development positions until March of 2004, when he took a position in the Art Production department of New York magazine. Serendipitously arriving at the beginning of a remarkable redesign, John had the opportunity to hone his skills and refine his craft under some of the most talented art directors in the business, and come into his own as a supporting member of an award-winning design team.
In January of 2008, John decided it was time to take a step he had been building towards for years, and start his own business. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, where he has carved out a niche specializing in graphic design and web development for small businesses and independent professionals.

John Carbonella Web Design And Creative Services, New York